• 5 Truths About Guys Who Are 'Taking Care Of Their Parents'
    Ranty Rants

    5 Truths About Guys Who Are ‘Taking Care Of Their Parents’

    I’ve been there. I know it’s embarrassing to admit that you’ve hit adulthood and can’t quite make it and have to move back home with mom and dad. Nothing sucks quite so hard as living in your childhood bedroom as an adult, looking around at all your weird posters and knick-knacks and things that were suchabigdeal back in the day,¬†and realizing just how truly lame you used to be (and maybe still are). Every bit of it is awful. Maybe it happens because you’re right out of college, and the job market isn’t as open to people with BAs in History as you thought it’d be. Maybe switching majors three…

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  • Gettin' It On

    3 Truths About The Three-Date Rule

    The dating world is such a weird place to live. Nobody uses recent photos of themselves online, nobody tells the truth about themselves offline, and after almost every date you’re left with a sense of wanting to join a convent somewhere and swear off men for life. Of course, if you join a convent you’re stuck fending off priests, so that might be just as bad. Still, the dating world sucks. One of the sucky things that I always hated was the three-date rule. That idea that if you don’t put out by date three, you’re either destined for the “friend-zone” or the just straight-up calling it off. 3 Truths…

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  • Relate Much?

    5 Reasons To Never Ever Double-Dip

    Once upon a time he was your everything. The two of you made all the girly, silly selfies together. He met your friends – they didn’t hate him. You met his mom – she totally hated you. But, it was okay. Because he was still your everything. Until he wasn’t. And once things ended it was like your entire world shrank without notice. Suddenly avocado toast didn’t taste as good anymore. And that hand-sewn journal he got you for Christmas? Yeah, you can’t even look at it without crying. Every day feels like your world has been shrink-wrapped and like your life is getting smaller and smaller. Then he calls…

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