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5 Ways To Survive The Holidays If You’re Single

Nine months out of the year being single is amazing. You get to date who you want, when you want. You get to go to pound-town with whomever, or hang out with your B.O.B. if that’s what you want. Walking around the house wearing nothing but ripped underwear, and socks that have foxes on them, and eating Haagen-Dazs Rum Raisin ice cream right out of the pint is no big deal because no one’s there to judge you. And yes, Rum Raisin is the best ice cream. But when you’re dating? You have to debate those things. And who wants to debate when there’s new episodes waiting to be binged on Netflix? In short, being single is awesome…except for, like, three months out of the year.

From about November 15th to February 15th singlehood makes you feel more like a social outcast than the amazing societal rebel you are. And honestly? Having to face down nosey aunts at the Thanksgiving table, or watch your married sister give you sad face while she’s a bajillion months pregnant kind of blows. But it doesn’t have to. There are ways survive the holidays if you’re single. Don’t worry, rebel, I’ve got your back!

5 Ways To Survive The Holidays If You’re Single

1. Meetups – If you haven’t joined Meetup yet, who are you and where have you been living? Meetup lets you find other people who love the things you love, and you can go hang with them when the holiday blues hit. Sitting around in ripped underwear on purpose is one thing, but once it becomes a cry for help it’s time to go to some Meetups!

2. Date Like It’s The 90’s – 1890’s, that is. Whoever decided we had to date only one guy at once lost their damn mind. I’m not saying go out there and mount every man you find (unless that’s your thing, at which point, have fun), but there is Nothing wrong with you going on a date with one guy on Tuesday, and a different guy on Friday, and maybe two dates on the same day on Sunday. Seriously, mix it up! Don’t expect a Christmas present or Valentine’s flowers from any of them, but go to the movies, dinner, walk around some parks or go on hikes (and depending on how much Rum Raisin you’ve been consuming, this might be necessary anyway). I mean, definitely let these guys know you aren’t exclusive, but don’t feel like you have to become Mrs. So-And-So just because the dude paid for your coffee.

3. Volunteer – And I’m not just talking soup kitchens. I mean, yeah, those are great, but there are tons of volunteer opportunities out there. Like playing with puppies? Hit up the shelter. Really into art? Love to write? There are volunteer opportunities out there for just about anything you love, and all that time spent focusing on other people will make you feel better when your mom tries to set you up with the rando she met at the gym.

4. Be The Third Wheel – Yeah, it might feel awkward at first, but there is nothing wrong with reaching out to family and fun friends (even the coupled ones) and asking to join their plans. Your married bestie and her fam are going to look at holiday lights? Bring the hot cocoa and hitch a ride! Sister’s family making gingerbread houses? The Dollar Tree has TONS of candy you can bring. Want to see the big Christmas movie, but not by yourself? Invite some of your friends who are dating and hang out together. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you need to wall yourself away from everyone who isn’t.

5. Do What You Love, Let Go Of The Rest – Not everyone has to decorate for the holidays. Or love Christmas music. Maybe gift-wrapping isn’t your bag. Maybe you love the food, but hate making it in bulk? Whatever you love during the holiday season, do that. And whatever doesn’t make you happy? Let it go! Not everyone needs to go full-tilt when it comes to joy and merry and whatever whatever. Decide what you want to do and let yourself be okay with telling people No when it comes to the rest. This time of year is hard enough without trying to live up to everyone’s expectations. Pick which things YOU love and let that be enough.