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Patrick Stewart Perfectly Illustrates How So Many Of Us End Up With ‘Foster Fails’

Patrick Stewart is currently fostering a pitbull, Ginger, courtesy of Wags and Walks, and the videos of Patrick and Ginger are everything. Anyone who has ever fostered a dog knows the goal is to eventually find a good home for said dog, but sometimes…sometimes the system fails. Seeing these two together is the ‘before’ shot of anyone who has ever had a ‘foster fail’ if I’ve ever seen one.

patrick stewart and ginger

Patrick Stewart Perfectly Illustrates How So Many Of Us End Up With ‘Foster Fails’

From the first time Ginger walks up to Patrick’s front door it is love at first sight. Pibble kisses, smiles, and a very happy Patrick Stewart.

Then there’s the swimming lesson that isn’t. While the original plan was to give Ginger a chance to play in the water, she seems more excited about licking water off of Patrick’s bald head. And when the time comes for her to get in, Patrick is too nervous about her getting hurt to let her take the plunge.

As with most of us, the original rule was ‘no dogs on the furniture’, but who could say no to a sweet face like Ginger’s? Certainly not Patrick. He has completely different plans for the pupper on his sofa…

Yes, the plan is to adopt Ginger out to the perfect forever family, but I don’t think any of us will be very surprised, or saddened, if that plan changes and Stewart keeps her as his own. I didn’t think it was possible to love Patrick Stewart more, but then he goes and fosters this sweet baby and boom: more lovable than ever.

Good luck to both of you! And whatever happens, I hope you find an amazing forever family, Ginger!