Dear Miss Bossy Pants:

Dear Miss Bossy Pants: My Husband Had An Emotional Affair

Dear Miss Bossy Pants,

My husband had an emotional affair with an underage co-worker. It’s hard for me to even say that out loud. He swears there was nothing physical, but to me, that is almost worse. We had been happily, in what I thought was the perfect marriage for almost 20 years.  I was wrecked, devastated, and blindsided by this little bit of grand betrayal. I have absolutely no trust in him anymore, and I can’t bring myself to physically be present in the marriage. What do I do?


Betrayed and Beyond Broken

Dear Miss Bossy Pants: My Husband Had An Emotional Affair

Dear Betrayed and Beyond Broken:

First, I am so sorry for what you went through. No one deserves to have the person they love take advantage of their trust in such a reckless and truly deceptive manner. It sounds like your husband plunged a knife into the virtual heart of your marriage, and at this point the two of you are on life support, waiting to see if someone’s gonna pull the plug.

I wish I could give you a magic fix. Some ultimate answer to make what happened okay, or make leaving okay, but ultimately you’ll have to decide when enough’s enough on your own. Know that no matter what decision you make, it’s the right decision. Whether you stay or go is completely the right thing to do, and no one – including me – has a right to tell you otherwise.

If you can, please take some time for yourself to ‘sit’ in your feelings and come to terms with where your heart is now. Staying in a broken marriage is only okay if there are steps that can be taken to repair it. Leaving a broken marriage is only okay if there are steps you can take to fix you.

So start taking steps, and let your slowly healing heart guide you down the path toward a better future.

Love Always,

Miss Bossy Pants

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