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To The Mommy Blogger Who Is Upset People Are Upset About Her Bigoted Post: Get Off The Cross, We Need The Wood

I didn’t want to judge. When I first heard that This Modest Mom posted about how she and her family canceled their $6000 Disney vacation because of the moment of gay revelation in the upcoming Disney live action film Beauty and the Beast, I felt bad. The site was down from the influx of negative traffic and in my head I thought, “Oh, you poor newbie blogger…you had no idea what you were doing, did you?” Today the site came back up and I finally got to read the post and I no longer feel bad. I fact, I think she knew exactly what she was doing, and it wasn’t at all about her faith. So to Brooke of This Modest Mom all I can say is seriously, you need to get off your cross and stop pretending this is about your faith. We need the wood for other things.

beauty and the beast

To The Mommy Blogger Who Is Upset People Are Upset About Your Bigoted Post: Get Off The Cross, We Need The Wood

Like I said, I felt badly at first. The site was down, her Facebook page had nothing but negative comments. It seemed like she was someone who tried to stand for what she believed in and got body-slammed by the masses for it.

Then I read the post.

I read where she wrote, “At this point, Disney is proudly looming over your morals and values and eerily cackling like a villain in one of their own classic fairy tales.”

She literally called Disney villainous for supporting people who are different than her. I get that she wanted to ‘take a stand’, but her stand was saying the inclusion of those who are born different than her is villainous.

And again, before I started reading her posts, I felt badly for this baby blogger who brought fire and brimstone down on herself by shielding her spawn from the ‘gay agenda’ (her words, not mine).

The Gay Agenda checklist

But after the influx of whackadoo’s, she addressed all the hate and how she really does love all people and she didn’t mean to offend anyone or come across as negative. Then (because a simple ‘I’m sorry’ isn’t enough) she compared herself to Jesus: “I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything different since they did the same thing to Jesus.”

Because, of course, we all know being stoned, stabbed, having spikes forced into your head, being beaten, lashed, and left for dead hanging from a wooden stake for three days is totally the same as canceling a $6000 vacation and having people be mad at your bigoted response.

EVEN WITH ALL OF THIS I could feel slightly badly for This Modest Mom if I felt she had no idea what she was doing, but she totally knows what she’s doing. Blogging is all about bringing in the page views. This post has brought her the biggest influx she’s ever seen and in response she doubled down on her statement and expanded her blog traffic capabilities so she could get more views. I don’t blame her. I’m not here because writing is fun. I mean, it is, but we blog because we want to make money from blogging. And we want to take those $6000 trips.

And that’s all fine and dandy.

Just be honest with yourself, man. At this point it isn’t about the post, or people’s response to your post. You let Huffpo interview you about this post…c’mon. When you start letting other sites interview you about a post that has made you feel like a martyr for your faith, it’s time to admit it isn’t about your faith anymore.

Please stop trying to pretend it is.